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Our innovations open up new perspectives in healthcare and pharmacy. Remote-controlled pharmacy dispensing points, AI-based enhancements and personalised services are all designed to provide you and your family with the best possible quality of care and support.

Our aim is to make our company website not only a source of information, but also an inspiration and supportive partner in achieving a healthy and balanced life. Browse through our innovations, meet our outstanding team members and discover how we contribute to the advancement of the pharmaceutical and healthcare field.

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Innovation for Health

Pharmapont Kft. has introduced innovations that are reshaping pharmacy services and healthcare. We focus on two main areas: remote drug dispensing points and AI-based healthcare and pharmacy developments.

Remote Drug Dispensing: A New Dimension of Care

One of our significant breakthroughs is the design of remote devices that are radically changing how patients access their OTC medications. These devices not only provide convenience and ease but also allow for personalized pharmaceutical care and access in locations where traditional pharmacies may be less accessible.

AI-Based Healthcare and Pharmacy Developments: Enhancing Quality of Life

The future of healthcare includes the use of AI-based solutions. Our expert team is working to develop better diagnostic tools and personalized therapeutic methods using intelligent algorithms. AI enables patients and healthcare professionals to more efficiently and accurately manage healthcare challenges.

For Communities and the Future

Pharmapont Kft. is committed to sustainability, expanding access, and utilizing innovations in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Our goal is to contribute to improving people’s quality of life and enhancing global healthcare outcomes.

Here are our 12 innovations:

  1. Business Summary Workplace Health Enhancement with Fitness, Ergonomic, and Massage Chairs. Combined with Office Fitness Training  Introduction Promoting employee well-being and creating a healthy
  2. AI-Based Eye Analysis Using a Smartphone’s Macro Camera
  3. AI-Based HTA: Step-by-Step Guidance for Health Industry Innovations
  4. Pharmacist at Your Doorstep – Personalized Medication Delivery Service
  5. Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring App with High-Precision Microphone Pairing
  6. Smart Medication Management: Towards Safe and Cost-Effective Therapy with AI – Healthcare Industry Innovation Project Summary
  7. HealthComics
  9. AI Conversational Assistant
  10. Addressing Family Crises
  11. Travel Diary
  12. Healthpoint Pharmaceutical Vending Machines – Remote pharmacy monitoring devices specialized in OTC products.

Thank you for finding us, and we invite you to explore the new horizons offered by Pharmapont Kft. in the fields of healthcare and pharmacy.


Dr. Kinga Jánossy – Pharmacist

Dr. Kinga Jánossy is a pharmacist at Pharmapont Kft., whose expertise and commitment is unmatched. With her exceptional knowledge and experience, she is responsible for innovative solutions that enable patients to access acute healthcare OTC products quickly and efficiently. Dr. Kinga Jánossy is also committed to networking, liaising closely with pharmacists and healthcare professionals to spread the word about health promotion and the importance of OTC products.

Zsolt Brillmann – Head of Innovation and Community Relations

Zsolt Brillmann plays a key role at Pharmapont Kft., which is key to the company’s continued growth and development. As a leader, he is responsible for driving innovation, AI development and technology innovation. Zsolt Brillmann creates opportunities to bring new ideas and concepts to life, driving breakthroughs in the healthcare sector. He also plays a prominent role in fostering social relationships and helps to better promote the company’s goals and values.



We contribute to the development of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors with a number of pioneering and innovative solutions. With its remote-controlled medicine vending machines, equipped with measuring devices, and the „Pharmacist at Home” service, the company provides efficient and easily accessible care.

The developments supported by AI range over a wide range of areas. A drug recognition app using a mobile phone camera and iris photography and lesion detection combined with AI image and data processing lead to accurate diagnoses. AI-based assistants, such as voice-based conversational assistants for the elderly and many other areas, could become everyday tools in our lives.

We have uniquely created the first HTA AI advisor app to help bring healthcare innovations to market.

For „Health Awareness and Improving Quality of Life”

AI-based mental health promotion software platform and health education programs for families in times of crisis are powerful tools that improve quality of life and support people at all levels.

Our company’s developments are sector-wide and people-centric, bringing positive change to many areas of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Their commitment to innovation, technology and human wellbeing results in truly pioneering work.


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