Dr. Kinga Jánossy – Pharmacist

Dr. Kinga Jánossy is a pharmacist at Pharmapont Kft., whose expertise and commitment is unmatched. With her exceptional knowledge and experience, she is responsible for innovative solutions that enable patients to access acute healthcare OTC products quickly and efficiently. Dr. Kinga Jánossy is also committed to networking, liaising closely with pharmacists and healthcare professionals to spread the word about health promotion and the importance of OTC products.

Zsolt Brillmann – Head of Innovation and Community Relations

Zsolt Brillmann plays a key role at Pharmapont Kft., which is key to the company’s continued growth and development. As a leader, he is responsible for driving innovation, AI development and technology innovation. Zsolt Brillmann creates opportunities to bring new ideas and concepts to life, driving breakthroughs in the healthcare sector. He also plays a prominent role in fostering social relationships and helps to better promote the company’s goals and values.