We contribute to the development of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors with a number of pioneering and innovative solutions. With its remote-controlled medicine vending machines, equipped with measuring devices, and the „Pharmacist at Home” service, the company provides efficient and easily accessible care.

The developments supported by AI range over a wide range of areas. A drug recognition app using a mobile phone camera and iris photography and lesion detection combined with AI image and data processing lead to accurate diagnoses. AI-based assistants, such as voice-based conversational assistants for the elderly and many other areas, could become everyday tools in our lives.

We have uniquely created the first HTA AI advisor app to help bring healthcare innovations to market.

For „Health Awareness and Improving Quality of Life”

AI-based mental health promotion software platform and health education programs for families in times of crisis are powerful tools that improve quality of life and support people at all levels.

Our company’s developments are sector-wide and people-centric, bringing positive change to many areas of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Their commitment to innovation, technology and human wellbeing results in truly pioneering work.